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Split Stopper

The best protection for your wood.

Refined details and the best protection against splits offered by Signumat split stopper. This newly designed premium split stopper is a unique innovation, which redefines the topic of preserving the value of wood: Not only the new special plastic compound for extremely high tensile strength, the low weight and the little space required for the placement, but also the colour, which does not fade away in case of moisture or long-term storing. To put it short, the split stoppers enable you to preserve the quality of your wood logs. And of course they are sawblade friendly.


The Split Stopper in detail

Thoroughly thought through

A precise four point mounting ensures simple and fast placement right in the middle of the premium setting hammer.

The tapering of material on the wave-shaped tip operates as a barb, which holds the staple securely in the wood.

The thin body, made out of a special compound material allows an easy penetration into the wood, and clearly has considerably higher tensile strength than typical plastic split stoppers.

Two intermediate crossbars enable equal distribution of the tensile load and prevent the tip from being set askew. The extremely stiff end crossbars disappear completely in the wood when applied by one single hammer blow. This makes the split stoppers also suitable for sawn lumber.

The wave-shaped tip reduces the penetration resistance of the wood by approximately 30%. The split stoppers can be completely set with just one single hammer blow. 


Premium Setting Hammer

Blow by blow

The Premium Setting Hammer enables precise working. A special joint designed by Latschbacher ensures full force transmission and a level impact, even when the hammer is swung at a slight angle or onto unevenly cut surfaces. This ensures neat and thorough placement of the premium split stopper with just one single hammer blow.

• Forged hammer head for an extremely long operational lifetime 

• Balanced center of gravity for simple, tilt-free hammering 

• Shaft length adapted to the weight for ideal hammering performance



Optional Split Stopper Setting Tool

The solution for stapling logs and pieces of wood, which are likely to split.

The high quality Latschbacher Setting Tool is suitable for placing small amounts of Split Stoppers on logs or other wood pieces that need exact placement. The well-thought-out details ensure a precise setting and less vibration is guaranteed due to an integrated shock-absorber. Simply use a heavy hammer (min. 5.5 lb) to hammer in.


Signumat Premium Split Stoppers

The entirely new innovation of Latschbacher split stoppers with many refined details for easy handling to help control splits on hardwood logs.

The new special plastic compound with thin walls

 ensures low penetration resistance while still offering extremely high tensile strength

• Despite its high strength, the premium timber staple

 remains sawable, meaning it will not cause any

 damages to the saw blades

• The staple color does not fade away even when

 exposed to moisture or prolonged storage, reliably

 protecting the value of the wood

• The low weight and minimal space requirements of the new staples greatly eases working in the forest


It's that easy

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